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Bullis的The Point Podcast



加入我们的主持人, 年度捐赠总监 & 校友关系,凯特琳·科齐尔, in conversations with alumni sharing their Bullis School experience, 他们的成功之路, and the many lessons learned along their path to purpose.

Season 2



柯比·波特'14反映了她在正规买球app下载的日子, from "Kirbo Bangs" on the Bullis Basketball court to after Bullis, 她在哈佛大学读书,打女子篮球. 在体育产业工作, 在风险投资领域, 现在作为一个企业家和内容创造者, 柯比鼓舞人心的旅程令人印象深刻.

  • Alumni
  • Class of 2014
  • Episode 3
  • Season 2
→ LISTEN NOW about S2 EP03 - 柯比·波特'14 | Capitalizing on the $100B Creator Economy

萨米尔·保罗,91年 fondly looks back at the friendships he made and the community he experienced as a Lifer at Bullis. He speaks to the non-traditional journey he made to his current success 在风险投资领域 and making a difference in health, 可持续性, food, 先进技术投资.

  • Alumni
  • Class of 1991
  • Episode 2
  • Season 2
→ LISTEN NOW about S2 EP02 - 萨米尔·保罗,91年 | Being A Missionary Rather Than A Mercenary
Kira Orr '93

在Bullis主持的the Point Podcast第二季首播中, we catch up with a member of the Class of 2002 — Alyssa (McCoy) Agnes, P.h.D. Alyssa reminisces about her transformative time at Bullis, how Bullis had an impact on helping her choose her career in STEM, 她专注于指导年轻的黑人科学家, 以及她对社区的承诺.

  • Alumni
  • Class of 2002
  • Episode 1
  • Season 2
→ LISTEN NOW about S2 EP01 - Alyssa (McCoy) Agnes '02 | Caring Beyond Bullis

In Season 2, your new host 凯特琳Koziel, Annual Giving的主管 & 校友关系, 突出了正规买球app下载对目标充满激情的校友, 逆境中的适应力, 以及对社区的承诺. Together, 他们回忆在正规买球app下载的经历, 高中毕业后的生活, 以及一路走来的宝贵经验.

  • Alumni
  • Episode 0
  • Season 2
→ LISTEN NOW 欢迎来到第二季

Season 1

Kira Orr '93

本季最后一集, Kira Orr '93, 正规买球app下载高中副校长, shares her fondest memories as a former star athlete whose passion for basketball and achieving excellence through balance helped her become the first woman in Duke University's history to be drafted to play professionally. Plus, her deep connections with the Bullis community as she remembers the journey that led her back to her alma mater and home away from home.

  • Alumni
  • Class of 1993
  • Episode 10
  • Season 1
→ LISTEN NOW 买球的app软件下载第10集- Kira Orr '93 b| Coming Home
Nicole Bernard '83

Nicole Bernard '83 reveals how her experience as one of the first African American women at Bullis encouraged her to live a life of 'firsts' and pursue her passion for redefining diversity, 包容观念的转变, and transforming the music and entertainment industry with voices that reflect and represent our culturally dynamic world.

  • Alumni
  • Class of 1983
  • Episode 9
  • Season 1
→ LISTEN NOW 买球的app软件下载EP 9 - Nicole Bernard '83 bb0 Redefining Diversity
Aryemis Brown, 17岁

Aryemis Brown, 17岁 speaks on his leadership opportunities at Bullis and how they prepared him for his experience as the most highly ranked Cadet Wing Commander for the United States Air Force Academy's Class of 2021, his road and reaction to receiving the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship, and his continued commitment to serving humanity as he commissions into the U.S. Space Force.

  • Alumni
  • Class of 2017
  • Episode 5
  • Season 1
→ LISTEN NOW 买球的app软件下载EP 5 - Aryemis Brown, 17岁 bb0诚信第一
Lisa Sugar '94

Lisa Sugar '94 shares how winning Bullis’ Joy of Living Award in ninth grade inspired her to live a powerful and optimistic life, her journey as a pioneer in the entertainment industry — and how she and her husband turned their pop culture blog for women into the multi-million dollar media and technology company, POPSUGAR Inc.

  • Alumni
  • 1994届毕业生
  • Episode 4
  • Season 1
→ LISTEN NOW 买球的app软件下载EP 4 -丽莎糖'94 |努力工作,玩好

Meet the Host

凯特琳Koziel, Annual Giving的主管 & 校友关系

凯特琳Koziel is Bullis School’s 年度捐赠总监 and 校友关系 and this season’s host of Bullis的The Point Podcast. 她一直在计划, managing, and hosting both in-person and virtual events for well over a decade and is excited to jump into the world of podcasting and connecting with the school's alumni. 布尔斯之外, 她是Barre3老城教练,喜欢旅行, 参观弗吉尼亚酒庄, and hike (easy trails only) with her husband Paul and pups Penny and Dundee.

Get in Touch

Are you a Bullis alumni and interested in being a guest on a future episode? 或者您想买球的app软件下载的一位客人吗? Contact Caitlin 了解更多信息.


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